At the beginning of May 2020 we received an urgent call about a very young feral cat who had given birth to a kitten. Our volunteers went over to the site to discover mum, and by then 2 tiny 12 hour old babies in a crumbling chimney breast inside a disused wash house. The situation was very dangerous and the small family's lives were at risk, our volunteers got straight to work, carefully climbing and dismantling the chimney to gain access to them. Mum kitty was completely terrified and bolted, and because of the extremely precarious conditions there was no option but to scoop the kittens out of danger. After being checked over and wrapped in a blanket the kittens were placed in a cage with a trap set in front in order to coax Mum into coming back, and our volunteers retreated. It worked! Within 30 minutes she returned and was successfully trapped. The family was then taken into foster care by the volunteers, where they stayed for 10 weeks until the kittens were old enough to leave their mum. Shiny and Mello are now living in their forever home where they are happy, healthy and very loved. Sadly mum kitty was too feral to be rehabilitated. However, once neutered she was taken to live on a lovely country estate where she lives happily under the watchful eye of her caregivers.



At the beginning of July 2020 we were notified of a mum and 3 kittens living in some allotments. People living nearby had been feeding them but were concerned for their welfare. After successfully trapping all of them, mum cat was immediately taken in for neutering and the kittens, who were approximately 6 weeks old, came into foster care. The poor little souls were in a terrible state, soaking wet, shivering and very frightened. They were also infested with fleas and worms so were treated for both straight away. After a few days they seemed to be settling in nicely and were becoming less scared of their foster carer, but they were still very poorly. With a lot of patience and time, the kittens were soon becoming more tame every day. After 5 weeks, Luna Duke and Hitch as they are now named, were healthy and confident enough to go and live, together, in their fabulous new home.



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Day 1, mum ad babies safely in foster care

Terrified feral mum and her day old kittens