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We have adult neutered feral cats available for rehoming. We need to find homes NOW or we cannot help any further cats.

Due to the large number of un-neutered kittens being abandoned we are experiencing large numbers of feral cats and kittens. Our policy is to trap neuter and return all adults and to tame and rehome any kittens. We are constantly dealing with colonies of 15 ( minimum) . Not all of these sites are suitable for returning cats to, so we are desperately looking for feral homes. If you have a stables, farm or suitable home please get in touch.Also, if you could help with fostering and rehabilitating kittens we always need foster homes.

Appeals: Welcome


Towards the end of July we trapped an absolutely beautiful feral cat who had been living on a farm, she’s approximately 7 months old and has difficulty balancing, coordinating and walking.

We managed to secure an appointment at Dovecote Veterinary Hospital on 10th August for Marmalade to see a neurologist and an orthopaedic surgeon. Their diagnosis was as follows:

Cerebellar hypoplasia - moderate/severe
Bilateral carpal hyperextension

Bilateral (grade II) patella luxation

There is no treatment for CH, but Marmalade is expected to remain neurologically stable for the rest of her life. The carpal hyperextension can be surgically corrected, which is likely to  improve her mobility. However this is expected to cost in excess of £7,000. 

Marmalade is happily settled in permanent foster care, where she is learning to find her way around, eats and drinks well and does her very best to use the litter tray. Most importantly, she is happy and safe. We won't give up on this beautiful girl, no matter what it takes.

Appeals: Welcome
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